Monday, March 07, 2005

Jira's service -- Legendary or just a legend

[Updated: See end of posting]
Recently, we came across some critical problems with our Jira installation. When we couldn't figure out/fix the problem ourselves, I posted a support request to Jira's support site. In response, I received a request for additional information. Since the request involved a fairly sizeable attachment I wrote back to clarify the request. Didn't get a response. I decided to send the attachment anyway and updated the support request with the required information and waited for a response. That was 4 days ago...The silence is deafening.

When you stick your neck out so far and claim "Legendary services"....well, you have to deliver. Atlassian's web-site quotes Jeff Bezos

"If you have an unhappy customer on the Internet, he doesn't tell his six friends, he tells his 6,000 friends"

The trouble is, there is no apparent way to escalate an issue. I couldn't find a phone number to call or any other email addresses -- other than for sales. I finally located a contact page. I filled out the form stressing the urgency of our problem and asking about an escalation process. Still not a peep.

We were considering purchasing Confluence. The one reservation that I had thus far was the lack of coherent documentation. I am now wondering if going for Confluence would be wise given the trouble I'm having with Jira; which, btw has excellent documentation.

I realize the irony of using javablogs to publish my gripe...

[Update: Mar 9 2005 2300]
Since originally posting the above, I have heard back from Atlassian. I hope the timing was just a coincidence.

The problems are being handled.

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