Monday, December 26, 2005

AJAX Experience...Yet another boondoggle

A colleague of mine upon hearing of the Spring experience, said "what a boondoggle". That captured exactly how I felt about it.

Now, I don't object to one man's opinion of enterprise. I know Jay Zimmerman and I applaud him for putting up a fabulous show time and time again with his No Fluff Just Stuff series. However a symposium just on Spring? C'mon. If you are new to Spring, a symposium isn't a way to learn to use it. If you already using Spring, you may get something out of 10-20% of the sessions. How do I figure? Due to many level 101 sessions, and others that you can't attend due to conflicts.

Hard on its heels comes the AJAX experience. A symposium essentially on one Javascript API call! Do we really need a conference on AJAX? Aren't there enough online articles, blogs, and books (don't get me started) on the subject?

My prediction: Coming soon shall be a Ruby Experience -- which actually is a topic worthy of an "experience". I guess what I really envy is Jay's entrepreneurial spirit. You go Jay!

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