Friday, February 03, 2006

RailsConf: If you announce it, they will come...

The RailsConf has been getting a lot of press. So methinks let's see what the hullabaloo is all about.

Q: What are the sessions going to be?
Silly me, that's not been decided yet. Don't worry they have over 80 proposals.

Q:Where is it going to be held?
The web site says: Chicago, Venue TBA. TBA!!? What kind of amateurish prank is this? Oh, well, drill down a few pages further and you figure it's at a Wyndham hotel. Phew! At least I know where I'll be staying!

Important details aren't fleshed but they want you to register.... Do they ever! Better get there soon if you want to catch the "super early bird" blue light special. What gall!

That's not all, Mike Clark, Dave Thomas and cohorts (from the NFJS circuit) are drumming up the support on their blogs.

I am sure -- given the track record of the names named -- it will be a great conference. However I did not expect such premature promotion from so far east of Redmond. The Ajax Conf (or Experience or whatever they call it) is another example of a conference that was announced, much hyped before any details were available.

Is this to be the trend? Announce a conference, announce keynote speakers, build up clientele on the shoulders of the blogosphere an then work out the details?

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