Friday, September 17, 2004

Continuous Integration Tools' Feature Matrix

Found an interesting feature matrix comparing various CI tools.

Aside: I got to this point from some article referring to Damage Control. I looked high and low at the site to see what is Damage Control. I could only infer that it is a tool in the same genre as CruiseControl. Sure could use better introductory docco. There is a lot of information if you already know what it is and what you need.


  1. As long as DamageControl is not an officially released product it is a conscious choice not to have too much documentation.

    Good documentation creates too much traffic and communication, and that is something we don't want to deal with while working on stabilising the product and fixing bugs.

    Rest assured, when DamageControl is released there will be documentation for you.

    Aslak Hellesoy (DamageControl team).

  2. Does anyone know where the feature matrix can be found now? The original location is now redirected.


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